September Painting Challenge

Hola!   I am gearing up for my 6th painting challenge, this September.  This is where I try to create and post a painting every day for the whole month.  This challenge is orchestrated by an artist from California, and there are about 1,000 or more that paint with me. I am not sure what inspired her to create this challenge, but there is a movement of “daily painters”  that paint every day.

I do try hard to paint every day but I find it difficult to finish a painting in one day, and would not consider myself a “daily painter”.

all-sept -2015SM
Paintings from my first painting challenge in January 2015

My painting process is that I typically start my painting, let it dry overnight and then maybe finish it the next day.  If it is a large painting it may take a few additional days. After its finished I may add some highlights a few days later, so they are fresh and bright.
Working in oils means that they do not dry quickly, and over mixing can create what we call “mud”.  If you look at a mud puddle you will understand why we try to avoid making mud.  So that’s why my process typically takes a few days.

Paintings from my fourth painting challenge in September  2016

That being said, I am fervently painting trying to get ahead so I can post a new painting daily.  Add in a few commissions, and I have a lot of painting to do!

Last painting challenge, January 2017

 I hope you will follow me on my journey in September!