Day 2- Love to Texas


September 2, 2017 by Art and Musings by Marnie


Today is day 2 and is inspired by my cousin Meredyth.  She gives me lots of support during the challenge, and sent me a text telling me that she had an idea for a painting for the challenge.  (Isn’t she wonderful?)  She sent me a heart image, with the star of Texas, and some ideas for changing it up to create a different version.  So I read her text and started thinking…..  and thinking….   I came up with the border or outline of Texas with the American flag inside.  Then why not surround the whole thing with a heart?


Because that’s what it looks like we are doing as a country….surrounding Texas with love.  The videos and posts I have seen on facebook make me proud.  Miles of trucks lined up with boats, heroes saving people with helicopters, and other heroes rounding livestock, horses and even cats and dogs to safety.  It is wonderful to see.  But with all this inspiring sights, there is also a lot of sadness.  Lives lost, as well as homes and pets. One member of our community took it upon himself to line up a trailer truck to travel there with donations, and there are a ton of charities to donate to online as well.

We will be donating somewhere and I hope you consider it as well.

If you are local below is the info for the trailer truck that Kevin Trahan has coordinated.  It will be accepting donations until September 4th.





If you would like to see other art in the challenge, please click on link:

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3 thoughts on “Day 2- Love to Texas

  1. Thank you so much for this sweet image. I go to Rockport almost yearly to visit a very good friend there. We have a girls weekend. Rockport is still suffering so much but they may get electric on September the 8th. They have asked for donations to stop and just send money as they don’t have a place to store the donations. I don’t know about the Houston area. The damage is so widespread.

    Thank you for your kind thoughts and sweet image.


    • Art and Musings by Marnie says:

      I’m glad your friend is ok! I hope others get the message to send money, I know our areas are still collecting donations of items. Thank you for letting us know.


  2. Very nice. Love how you came up with the border – just perfect 🙂


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