Day 9- San Souci Flowerbox and Sterling Family day

Day 9 of the painting challenge…

Day 9 of the 30 in 30, and Sterling Family Day.  This painting was inspired by my neighbors pretty flower box that I pass whenever I leave my home.  If you know me, I am a sucker for anything pink…..

San Souci Flower box

In my town today is a very neighborly day.  Its Sterling Family day.  A day in our community that people gather together at our local park and see our neighbors, eat good food, listen to music, and have fun.  This wonderful day concludes with one of the best fireworks show I have seen outside of Disney.

One other wonderful thing about family day, is local artists and myself bring our art for our neighbors to vote for nicest painting of family day.  Its a fun competition that winner gets bragging rights, and a nice big bow.  So if you are local, stop in and have some fun, and of course vote!

Back to my painting of the day.  I added a bike as who doesn’t like a bike in a painting? I know I do.   This painting will be finished off with a pretty bow for hanging.

San Souci Flower box

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