Day 11- Tucker in Florida

Day 11 of the painting challenge…


Tucker waiting.jpgDay 11 of the 30 in 30.   This was inspired when my girlfriend in Florida posted her daughters pic of their dog watching them leave.  I am thinking a lot about her and my other friends and family in Florida hoping they and their homes are ok.


Tucker waiting-sm.jpg

Tucker is a dog they found in their neighborhood, he had gotten loose and when they found the owners, they asked if they wanted to keep him.  So they did.  I am happy that Tucker found a family that loves him and his story has a happy ending.  So here is Tucker watching his loved ones leave, and hopefully he knows he has found his forever home.  Isn’t it wonderful how our animals love us so unconditionally?

I hope Tucker and all the other animals and humans fare well through Irma!

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