Day 14- Triad

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September 14, 2017 by Art and Musings by Marnie



Day 14 of the 30 in 30.   This was inspired from a pic I took while visiting Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory and gardens in Deerfield, Massachusetts. Yes, I know this painting is not of butterflies…. In addition to incredible flowers and butterflies, they also have fish ponds.  This Conservatory is worth a visit, it even has a “nursery” for butterflies. This is an area where they hang the cocoons and if your lucky, you may see one hatch!

There are incredible exotic flowers blooming everywhere, and pretty birds live here as well.  But of course its the butterflies that take center stage.  We have had them land on us many times, and it takes practice not to swat at them.  This of course is discouraged. This incredible place is just down the road from the Yankee Candle factory store.

So while I was there I took a pic of some of the fish ponds, as I have always wanted to paint some fish! Here are three fish enjoying the warm conservatory and pretty surroundings.


If you would like more info on the Butterfly Conservatory, please click here.

If you would like to see other art in the challenge, please click on link:

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