Day 16 Hogwarts Castle

Day 16of the painting challenge…

Day 15 of the 30 in 30.   This is a gift a family member commissioned.  He knows I love castles, and thought this would be a challenge, and something different for me, and he was right!  The glowing areas are going to be painted with glow in the dark paint, so they will glow for a while after lights are out.  Which I think is pretty cool.potter-sm

I picked out a really cool, black goth frame for this.

On a different note, I am over half way through!  I am very happy about that, as at first I had a buffer of some paintings being done, and now I do not.  Trying not to be stressed about finding time to paint and have something to post.  At this point, I am looking forward to challenge being over! Lol

If you would like to see the art in the challenge, please click on link:

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