Day 27-Farmall Fall

September 27, 2017 by Art and Musings by Marnie

Day 27 of the 30 in 30. ​ This was inspired from a pic my Aunt Martha took while she was visiting my family. She has sent me a ton of pics, to inspire me. She has a good eye and knows what I like. And she’s also hinting for a painting… lol! This is a Farmall Tractor in Woodstock Ct, all decked out for fall.

I put a red checked bow to bring out the reds. 

If your interested in purchasing it, please click on link to visit my Etsy shoppe.

Etsy Shoppe

I’m pretty thankful this challenge is almost over! It’s not easy having a painting ready to go every day. I may actually be one short…. we will see!

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