Finis!- Challenge is over


Today is October 1st and the day that we post a collage of all the work we have done the past month.  This was my sixth challenge that I have participated in.  These challenges push me to paint things that I may not have normally painted.  It pushes me to finish a painting in one sitting.  And it gives me confidence when people post and comment.  A blank canvas can be very intimidating, and the artists that accepted this challenge faced one 30 times and created something beautiful.  I had a few suggestions from people when I started the challenge, and they may be wondering where those paintings were.  There were some paintings that I started or finished that just did not make the cut and were painted over.  One such painting was one of the Towers in Narragansett.  I am hoping to try that one again, as now it is a challenge to complete it.


So in addition to the 30 paintings there were some that you did not see. Its a great motivator, and I am always glad that I finished.  Hope you enjoyed it as well, and I hope you will tell me if you had a favorite.  Thanks to any that commented or liked my posts, I sincerely appreciated it!  And now I hope you don’t mind if I take a few days off….. lol!

Next challenge is in January, we will see if I participate.

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    1. Thank you Sheila! I had a hard time picking a favorite, but I usually lean towards the Disney ones and model a cars. 🙂


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