Mini Challenge- Day 5

Today is day 5, and I decided to paint a Café in France that I think is stunning.  I am crazy about Paris.  My love is well known in my family, as my cousin Christine, and my hubby have both given me pretty Eiffel Tower necklaces.  I wear one every day, and have done so for the last few years.  I don’t plan on taking it off until I see it in person.  So I have a love affair with the city, and enjoy seeing pics of it.  I went online last night and used Google Street view, to get some pics of pretty places, and found an old favorite, Café De Flore.  This is a beautiful building, that takes it to another level by having live plantings above its awning.  Its truly stunning.  This is my 20 minute version of my pic.  While painting I listened to Mary’s video about the challenge, and one of the questions was what are we to do with these paintings?  One of the suggestions is to use them as studies, and make a larger one.  And that’s what I am doing.  Its too pretty not to paint it again, with its ornate stonework, iron work on balconies, umbrellas, and of course floral plantings.

Hope you enjoy it too!  This will be available once it dries.  This is just a quick pic, the colors are nicer in real life.  I can see myself sitting at one of the tables people watching… how about you?

Photo Jan 22, 1 40 23 PM.jpg