30 in 30 Painting Challenge, rules

First off I need to explain that there are no rules!!!  This is just a challenge to get artists to paint more.  I hardly need this encouragement, as you see I am at my easel almost daily!  I still do the painting challenge, as I enjoy the exposure and seeing the art that other artists are creating.  Its very inspiring, and there is a nice comradery amongst the artists.

This is Leslie’s 9th painting challenge, and my seventh time joining her.  I usually try to have a few paintings completed, as it is not easy for me to have a painting every day.  Although there are many daily painters, I sadly, am not one.  I am getting close however!  I now can sometimes finish one in a day, and then touch it up the next day.  This is when I need to one rule that I try to adhere to:

a good artist-sq.jpg

Does that sound easy?  It’s truly not.  You see, sometimes you are in a wonderful painting moment, a blissful moment, when every stroke is magical.  This is usually a sign you are done, but you are having so much fun you just cannot stop.  And this is when you can ruin your painting.  So I am learning patience, and when to stop, as I have ruined a painting enough times that I now am heading the warning signs!

That being said, I have a lot of paintings planned for the next 30 days.  You can also request something, as I love hearing ideas from you!

So please follow me the next 30 days, as I post and paint daily.  I hope you enjoy seeing the art I create as much as I enjoy creating it!