Day 20 of 30 in 30- Remembrance

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February 20, 2018 by Art and Musings by Marnie

Day 20 – I was itching to paint a tractor this challenge, and remembered a pic someone had shared with me on facebook.  I had posted a painting, and Linda shared a pic of her Dad’s tractor in the comments. The tractor was on a trailer, on its way to its new home after being sold.   I felt bad seeing the photo, as I knew how sad she must have been seeing it leave.  Seeing something her father had put a lot of hours in. Something he had worked on their property with.  Perhaps she had even rode on it with him.  So many memories.  Some people may read this and think “But its just a tractor”.   But it is not.

I have a similar story in my family, with my father’s Model A.  I watched my Dad work on it, and even helped wet sand it, getting it ready to be painted.  I went to a lot of car shows in it too!  Then later, I used it in my wedding, as did my brothers, and a cousin did as well.  My mom did not care for it as much as us, and my Dad sold it a few years ago to a cousin.  The cousin loved it and it made him happy in his last years of life.  He recently passed, and it was used at his funeral.  My husband and I drove up, and I started crying when I saw it.  Oh how I had missed it.

So for those that read this and think we are silly, you maybe just don’t understand. That these are not just mechanical machines.  They are extensions of people that we love.  Symbols of hardworking men, and the legacy of how they loved these machines and took good care of them. A remembrance.


For those of you that follow my art, you have seen my Dad’s model A many times……


Day at the coast-sm.jpg


snowy night-57a

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