Painting Challenge Day 3


September 3, 2018 by Art and Musings by Marnie

Day 3 was a birthday gift to my best friend.  She recently redecorated her home and needed a new painting to match.  She gave me a few hints, ok she actually told me exactly what she wanted, and I did my best to deliver.  She always enjoys my glass jars, so she got one.  Sometimes things just don’t come out the way you want, and the first try was painted over.  At times I think we are our own harshest critic! Either way, I think my second try came out much better, and she loved it too! There is a heart hidden in this painting as well.

Apple Blossoms-sm


2 thoughts on “Painting Challenge Day 3

  1. laurelle cidoncha says:

    The loveliest gift one could get!


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