Painting Challenge Day 4

a fairytale village by the sea inspires many artists, including me.

Day 4 painting is another one inspired by my trip to California.  We were lucky to visit Carmel by the sea, and I wish I could have stayed a week!  It was the prettiest little town I have ever visited.  Flowers were everywhere, and the air was scented with them.  I truly felt as though I had died and went to heaven.  There are even real life fairy houses here!  A local man started building little ones, and someone suggested he make life size ones, so he did!  There are about 20 of them.  They are not easy to find, but I was lucky to find a few……


But back to my painting…. we did not have reservations, and visited quite a few hotels in the area to find a room.  (We had reserved a house in Yosemite, but our reservation was cancelled due to forest fires)  This fence was near a Best Western I believe.  Either way, I loved the contrast of the flowers to the green fence, and hope you do too! And if you ever are lucky enough to be near Carmel, make sure to spend some time there….You won’t regret it!  I am hoping to go back one day….

Carmel fence-sm.jpg

This painting is 20″ wide by 16″ tall, and is available in my etsy shoppe.  For more info, please click here.