Painting Challenge Day 14

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September 14, 2018 by Art and Musings by Marnie

Day 14 was inspired by my best friends porch. (I am lucky to have a few best friends)  Doesn’t everyone want a porch with a rocking chair?  It seems to say ” come sit with me”.  Take a minute to watch the day go by…. and savor it.  It seems we don’t take enough time savoring a moment.  I never did when I was younger.  Its something I am trying to teach my daughter.

When we visit our second home (wdw) I will take a minute with her and sit on a bench, or stop walking and tell her to stop. We also did this on our last trip to California!  To stop and look around.  Take a deep breath……Take in the moment. Something we don’t do enough.  Gratitude for where we are.  So this is what this rocking chair is saying.  Take a minute and think about what is good.  The butterfly pollenating the flowers next to you, the sun shining.  I recently heard Russell Brand say when things are bad, go to the good.   Find something in your life to be grateful for.  I do this all the time, to the angst of my friends, as many times they don’t want to hear it.  But this is how I survive events in my life.  My mother dying is a good example of this. A few days after she passed, I was at a local grocery store, and close to tears. I told the cashier, who was older than me, that my mom had passed.  She said she was sorry, and that her mom had passed when she was 13.  My mind immediately went to how lucky I was to have my Mom so long.  And I remember that to this day, to try to help me with my grief.

Sorry to pander so long about gratitude, I just believe it is incredibly helpful to get through life.  So take a minute today and sit on your rocker, porch, or just your front step and enjoy the day…

Hammond Porch-sm.jpg


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