Painting Challenge Day 27


September 27, 2018 by Art and Musings by Marnie

Day 27 Pink Bali sunset…  there is something about the sight of an umbrella that I just love.  I love seeing bright colorful ones, on a dreary day.  I love seeing umbrellas staked in the sand on the beach.  But the ultimate had to be when I saw this video that a facebook friend posted of her travels in Bali.  You know me and pink… so a pink sunset AND pink umbrellas screamed at me to paint them. I love the pink and golden glow of this painting, and the umbrellas reflecting the gold setting sun.  I am trying to do a few calm, and larger paintings, and love the feel of this one. I had another beach scene  that I painted, but it was painted over this week, as I just did not care for it.  Sometimes there are quite a few paintings that you don’t get to see, or you get a “sneak peek” and then it is gone.  Either way, this one made the cut, and I hope you love those pink umbrellas as much as I do!

This one will eventually be available in my etsy shoppe.

Pink Bali Sunset-sm.jpg

2 thoughts on “Painting Challenge Day 27

  1. laurelle cidoncha says:

    Marnie, I love the gentle flow of the waves encompassing the majority of the composition and then the grouping of the pink umbrellas. The eye flows from top to bottom and it is lovely!


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