Painting Challenge Day 29

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September 29, 2018 by Art and Musings by Marnie

Day 29-  Nostalgic Disneyland… this was inspired by my recent trip to California.  My family had been told so many times that we would be disappointed.  That it was not the same.  That we would not like it.  I even worried a bit, that maybe they were right.  A few did say it was wonderful, and I hung onto those thoughts when planning our trip.  The day finally arrived, and we were at the park.  We LOVED it.  Sure its not the same, and it is smaller. But it was wonderful.  So nostalgic.  And it had a different feel to it.  Seeing the firehouse lamp, and knowing Walt had walked in this park was a different feeling.  And of course it was very different seeing a PINK castle at the end of Main Street.  I had to keep looking, as it was not our usual gray castle!  We found the smaller pathways and unique rides a welcome change.  We loved our visit, and instead of just crossing it off our bucket list, we hope to return someday…..

So here is that beautiful pink castle, proudly the first one of many castles created by this dynasty, on canvas, with a red mickey balloon floating happily by.  To remind you of your visit to one of the happiest places on earth.

Available in my etsy shoppe, please click here for purchasing information.


Nostalgic Disneyland-sm.jpg




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