Painting Challenge Day 30

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September 30, 2018 by Art and Musings by Marnie

Day 30- Morning meeting….  this was inspired by a walk I took one morning with my dog Neco.  There was a fog, the sky was overall gray, and it was so tranquil.  And the birds!  I just loved how they were up high, overlooking us.  Like they were in a meeting. Don’t you just love the sound of birds in the morning, on a nice day?  Such a happy sound.  So I took a pic to add to my 15,000 pics stored on my phone and knew it just needed one more thing…..

Once I got back home, and started painting, I knew I had to add my Dad’s Model A, traveling down the road.  And that was how this painting was created.  I have to add its one of my all time favorites, and that is probably something to do with a pretty old car as a focal point.  I like to imagine its me and my Dad out for a morning ride.

So that is the end of the challenge.  I always start these challenges out very excited, and to be honest, I have a few paintings already done.  Then I get into the middle of it, and get a little stressed as I don’t have as many in my stockpile.  Then I get close to the end and thoughts of quitting fill my head.  So I am happy I participated, but I am even happier it is over.  I hope you enjoyed following my progress, and I would love to hear if you have a favorite!  Thanks for following!

This will be available in my etsy shoppe!

Morning meeting-sm






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