30 in 30 Painting Challenge, rules

First off I need to explain that there are no rules!!!  This is just a challenge to get artists to paint more.  I hardly need this encouragement, as you see I am at my easel almost daily!  I still do the painting challenge, as I enjoy the exposure and seeing the art that other artists are creating.  Its very inspiring, and there is a nice comradery amongst the artists.

This is Leslie’s 9th painting challenge, and my seventh time joining her.  I usually try to have a few paintings completed, as it is not easy for me to have a painting every day.  Although there are many daily painters, I sadly, am not one.  I am getting close however!  I now can sometimes finish one in a day, and then touch it up the next day.  This is when I need to one rule that I try to adhere to:

a good artist-sq.jpg

Does that sound easy?  It’s truly not.  You see, sometimes you are in a wonderful painting moment, a blissful moment, when every stroke is magical.  This is usually a sign you are done, but you are having so much fun you just cannot stop.  And this is when you can ruin your painting.  So I am learning patience, and when to stop, as I have ruined a painting enough times that I now am heading the warning signs!

That being said, I have a lot of paintings planned for the next 30 days.  You can also request something, as I love hearing ideas from you!

So please follow me the next 30 days, as I post and paint daily.  I hope you enjoy seeing the art I create as much as I enjoy creating it!


Mini Challenge- Day 5

Today is day 5, and I decided to paint a Café in France that I think is stunning.  I am crazy about Paris.  My love is well known in my family, as my cousin Christine, and my hubby have both given me pretty Eiffel Tower necklaces.  I wear one every day, and have done so for the last few years.  I don’t plan on taking it off until I see it in person.  So I have a love affair with the city, and enjoy seeing pics of it.  I went online last night and used Google Street view, to get some pics of pretty places, and found an old favorite, Café De Flore.  This is a beautiful building, that takes it to another level by having live plantings above its awning.  Its truly stunning.  This is my 20 minute version of my pic.  While painting I listened to Mary’s video about the challenge, and one of the questions was what are we to do with these paintings?  One of the suggestions is to use them as studies, and make a larger one.  And that’s what I am doing.  Its too pretty not to paint it again, with its ornate stonework, iron work on balconies, umbrellas, and of course floral plantings.

Hope you enjoy it too!  This will be available once it dries.  This is just a quick pic, the colors are nicer in real life.  I can see myself sitting at one of the tables people watching… how about you?

Photo Jan 22, 1 40 23 PM.jpg


Mini Challenge- Day 4

Today was day 4 and I decided to continue with my patriotic theme, and pick a photo from summer.  I had visited my art teachers home, for a quick critique and saw this pretty chair in her yard.  I added flag in, and voila! I had my 4th painting.  This one was a lot of fun, and I found myself finishing easily in the 20 minutes allotted.

I did not have a great place to take the pic, so my apologies for the unflattering photo.

Photo Jan 21, 5 17 08 PM.jpg

The painting challenge is here!

I will be creating 30 paintings in 30 days….

I have been crazy busy trying to get a few paintings done so I can post daily paintings for the month of September.  It is suggested you have a theme, and I have picked “landscapes” with a few surprises.

Here is a sneak peek of a local house with my Dad’s model A.  As usual there will be a lot of flags….


September is always a busy month, as my daughter starts school and soccer.  And this September my hubby is also having a surgery.  So its going to be quite a challenge to post and paint daily.  Hopefully I got enough done ahead of time to help me!

So I hope you will follow me on my painting journey, and encourage me along the way.

Starting September 1st, I will be posting on social media, and some on word press.  I am looking forward to hearing from you!






September Painting Challenge

Hola!   I am gearing up for my 6th painting challenge, this September.  This is where I try to create and post a painting every day for the whole month.  This challenge is orchestrated by an artist from California, and there are about 1,000 or more that paint with me. I am not sure what inspired her to create this challenge, but there is a movement of “daily painters”  that paint every day.

I do try hard to paint every day but I find it difficult to finish a painting in one day, and would not consider myself a “daily painter”.

all-sept -2015SM
Paintings from my first painting challenge in January 2015

My painting process is that I typically start my painting, let it dry overnight and then maybe finish it the next day.  If it is a large painting it may take a few additional days. After its finished I may add some highlights a few days later, so they are fresh and bright.
Working in oils means that they do not dry quickly, and over mixing can create what we call “mud”.  If you look at a mud puddle you will understand why we try to avoid making mud.  So that’s why my process typically takes a few days.

Paintings from my fourth painting challenge in September  2016

That being said, I am fervently painting trying to get ahead so I can post a new painting daily.  Add in a few commissions, and I have a lot of painting to do!

Last painting challenge, January 2017

 I hope you will follow me on my journey in September!