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Accidentally staying at one of the most haunted hotels in USA


So I went to Vermont last week for one night and stayed, accidentally, in one of the most haunted hotels in the US.   I do not typically care for old hotels that may be haunted.  In fact I generally avoid them.

We had gone to Vermont for my hubby, to visit a few breweries as he is a beer fanatic.  This little trip was payment for my hubbies endless patience with me for our visits to Disneyworld.

After visiting Long Trail Brewery, I opened the app “hotel tonite” and got a great deal on a hotel I had been interested in staying at.   The hotel was a little ways away, but we enjoyed our ride and arrived at dusk. At check in, I realized my ” spidey senses ” were tingling. This beautiful hotel is fully restored and has large old photographs of the hotel and famous guests throughout the building.   This was the photo in our room, which I loved as it featured an old car.Photo Sep 25, 7 02 33 PM


We went to dinner, took a nice walk in the village and went to bed. I was a little nervous but overall the stay was nice. We checked out and drove home after visiting Harpoon Brewery, in Windsor.

Once home my hubby was looking online and saw that we had stayed at a haunted hotel. Not just a haunted hotel but one that has made many lists as one of the most haunted!

To see list please click on link: Travel Channels most haunted hotels

Before you ask, no I will not be returning. I did enjoy my stay, I loved the old photographs, and the food was awesome, but no return for me.
It is called The Equinox, built in 1769, and has quite a history of Presidents and first ladies that have visited.  It is also within a charming village, and has lots of little shops, art galleries, outlets and restaurants to entertain you.

Room 329 seems to be the busiest room for ghosts, and the 3rd and 4th floors are the ones that have the most activity.  We stayed in room 341, and I did not see anything suspicious I am happy to report.  But maybe you will if you dare to stay.



Photo Sep 25, 8 35 31 PM