Embracing change

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December 26, 2017 by Art and Musings by Marnie

Another Christmas has now passed, and as usual it got me thinking. Thinking about how you never know when ordinary times stop being ordinary. When something is going to change forever.   This made me think of a Yoda quote which is:

“Difficult to see, Always in motion is the future.”

Things are always changing, some for the better, some not. This year was a pivotal year in my family. It was the second year without my mother during the holidays. I themed my table around her love of Moose, and thought of her at past holidays with us.

Photo Dec 25, 4 44 28 PM-2

But it is also the start of a new beginning, as I am going to be a grandmother next year. Or Mimi, as I am hoping to be called. This means next year, we will have a little one to remind us that life goes on. A little one to distract us from our grief. And to give us hope.
It was discussed on Christmas, that next year my son and girlfriend would like the families to celebrate together. To enjoy the little one’s first Christmas. So this means new people at our table, and more new traditions. And I am happy for that. While we were talking about the new number of guests, somehow my Dad mentioned that he had found some silverware from my mother’s side in her things.  I realized that to host the additional people I would need more silverware. (I am a bit of a planner) My Dad brought the silver over later in the day, and it almost matched my other Grandmother’s perfectly. Isn’t it ironic that as we are talking about adding more guests to our holiday, another set of silverware from my mother’s side appears? It seems as though my mother is sending a sign that she approves, and as usual is giving me a helping hand.

I am trying hard to embrace change, while savoring the times I am enjoying now. My niece and nephew are also growing older, and its only a matter of time before they have their own spouses and traditions that may not include my home. So this year, I drank in my time, and enjoyed and appreciated my time with everyone. Because I know firsthand how fast, and permanently things can change. I hope you also enjoyed your time with your loved ones and savored every minute.

Photo Dec 25, 6 28 48 PM


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