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well that stung…

Reviews… oh how an author, artist and anyone that depends on them, stresses over them. An author needs them from readers, so other readers may hopefully purchase your book. So when they start coming, you anxiously look at them.

I am also an artist, and the same thing happens in my etsy store. I got a little complacent, always getting good reviews, so it was nothing to click on the banner saying I got a new review. Then one day a horrific review came in about my book “Cousins”. Cousins is not like my first book, which was a sentimental one. It is a whimsical look at family, with a map to find your relatives, and a family tree to learn about all of them, and record them for future generations.

The reviewer hated Cousins, and left a scathing review. I can tell you now that EVERY time I check for reviews now, anywhere, I panic a bit. Which is no fun. My book has now been published on Amazon, where reviews are like gold! You need them badly. And they were flowing like a delicious sweet wine. I was savoring it. Until I got a one star review. Then one more. Well I can tell you that takes the wind right out of your sails.

I will once again defer to Joe Rogan. Who will tell you that you can get 100 great reviews, but that one review will pull you down like cement shoes. And he is right.

Who does not like happy squirrels cavorting with other squirrels? Or a map where you can expose your kids to geography, and other states? Or talking about your family with the next generation, and filling in a tree for them to always have as an heirloom?

Evidently these three people. And that is ok… I just wish I got over the sting quickly. I try hard to never leave a bad review. I will critique but I try not to be harsh as a one star. Because someone has put alot of time and love into their product, and I respect that.

I just wish others did as well… So the next time you are about to leave a harsh review, remember those creators out there that put a lot of time, effort and love into what they create. And to those that have left me great reviews, I truly appreciate them, and you.

Thank you.

If you are looking for a fun book about squirrels with bushy tails, reminding the kids about the importance of family, visit my etsy shoppe, or amazon to learn more!

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And if you leave a review, I thank you for that as well. I read them all…

2 thoughts on “well that stung…”

  1. Bless you my dear!  I know the negative stuff gs but, but some sting agent on it and a bandaid. Don’t ever let that deter you from doing what you think is best. It could be a bit of jealousy, as well!  Nay sayers will always be around. So, spread your wings and continue to fly. Soaring heights, as far as, you can go!  Love you my dear!  Merry Christmas 🎄. Here’s to a new year coming our way!  🥰♥️🙏🏻

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    1. Thank you as always Linda for your kind words! I truly appreciate them! Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday too! Happy New year too! xoxo

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