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The art of not littering

Our lovely state of Connecticut has implemented yet another tax for us residents. And I at first was furious with it. We pay a ton of taxes in our state, and don’t worry I will not go into them all. But this one was ridiculous to me. A tax on the bags that we receive at stores to package what we buy. I learned quickly to bring my own bags and if I forgot to purchase my bags I would carry my items out if possible. But my thoughts on this new tax recently changed, when just the other day I left a walmart in Coventry, Rhode Island and saw a ton of bags along the road. Bags caught in the bare winter branches of the trees, bags along the ground, and bags everywhere. Bags and litter all along the road out of the parking lot. Shameful.

I then realized we earned this tax. Now it is possible that a few of these bags may have gotten away from someone on a windy day. I myself have chased a runaway bag or receipt, and have always retrieved it. But I do know it is not always possible. That being said, what is the excuse for the rest?

As I get older I realize more and more that we do not own this world, we simply share it. And when I see litter to this extent it saddens me and then makes me mad.

So I have to say that this is one tax that we have earned. I may not have earned it myself, but sadly I am a human, and my fellow humans have earned it. I hope now that someday these bags are no longer available, but I know that is not realistic. What would be a better outcome is that people simply take their trash home and dispose of it properly. I will NEVER understand someone that throws their garbage on the ground, or cigarette butt out the window. If you do not want it around you, what makes you think that we want to see it all over our beautiful earth.

I sadly realize that the people that are doing this won’t probably read this. But I hope that they get hit with the tax in Rhode Island. Because they have earned it.

Sorry that I am not writing about Art, but I feel as though the world around me is also art. A beautiful landscape that does not deserve to be marred by litter.

4 thoughts on “The art of not littering”

  1. I agree 100%. We need to make sure our world remains beautiful. I didn’t get to comment on the post about the bad reviews. My daughter got a really mean message back the other day when she posted something she cooked. It really upset her and later I explained to her that there are trolls online where all they do is attack anyone that is all about family values, doing things themselves, free thinkers and anything positive. Not sure if this is going on all over the world but I have notice an increase in this behavior here in the US. Small mom and pop companies, self published authors, homemakers, several religious denominations…all getting attacked like crazy online. Just trolls, lots of them. They get paid in some countries to just go out there and cause insecurities, sadness and chaos. I know you wrote a great book and with a lot of love too. And I know this because it got the trolls to come out and find it and they only hate the good stuff.


    1. I think it is sadly a reflection of where our society is today. Many entitled people and unhappy people. I worry very much about where this is headed. As for the reviews, I try very hard not to stress over a bad review, but it is not easy! I am sorry to hear that your daughter is learning so young about this. But perhaps it is a good thing, to learn these skills of how to deal with difficult people so young. They are not going away and may get worse before they get better! My own daughter is 19 and struggling with this as well. It is sadly not an easy world to be living in currently. Especially when only one side gets to speak the majority of the time.
      I also have to add that I visited this spot that I posted about filled with litter, about a week ago and it looked like most of it had been picked up! I was so happy to see that. So there are people doing good! I was considering doing it myself, but it was crazy the amount of litter that there was!! So I am glad and hopeful to see that others cared.
      Thanks for reaching out, and I hope that your daughter continues cooking and posting we need more people like her!


  2. You couldn’t be more right about the trash. However, it’s said for the ones that do the right thing and not liter but then, the tax is passed onto everyone! That doesn’t seem fair to me.

    Art is everywhere and thanks for ending on a good note! The US does have so much beautiful to explore. We still have much to see and.
    Hope you and family are doing well!


    1. It is definitely not fair, but I would rather have this fee that makes people think about their actions. On a good note, I recently went to this parking lot, and someone picked the litter up!!! It was wonderful to see!


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