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Feeling overwhelmed? Need help still starting your book?

You have read my blogs and now you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. I know firsthand it is daunting. But honestly if you have read my blogs you are doing much better than I was at your stage… I was still doing research and struggling to move forward. Lucky for you I am sharing what I know so you are already ahead!

So back to where to start….

If I were you… I would decide on a book size and then open word and make the document.

Click here for info on how to create your document.

Once your document is created, I like to view my document as multiple pages… this way I can see what spreads will be, etc. I like to create my books with a lot of spreads as it just seems to take me more into the book. Rather than having two pages side by side with different illustrations. BUT… this is YOUR book. You should do what YOU think is best. I have to add that if you continue with your style whatever it is, your readers will begin to expect it as well. Which is not bad thing.

To view your document with multiple pages, go to View, on the ribbon bar, and then hit multiple pages. I will also hit the zoom button in this area to zoom at 50-60% to see more of my pages. If you do not like your document like this, no worries, just simply hit “one page” in this area and it will go back to what you normally see.

Set up your standard copyright page, and if you would like, a dedication page. You can also combine the two if you’d like. The next standard page is a title page, and this is also where you will sign your book when asked.

After that it is a blank canvas to create!

I also use text boxes for my text in my book so I can move them where I want to!

I did go over text boxes in an earlier blog, but here is a refresher in case you need it.

To add a text box go to “Insert” on the command ribbon, and then way over to “text box.” There are tons of options, I just go with the first one. Then once it is inserted, I right click on it. This will bring up a bunch of options, I recommend doing the following.

Picture border—click on and hit “no border”

Shape fill- click here and hit ” no fill”

You are almost ready…

Last thing is to pick a font. I suggest something easy to read, I typically use Garamond or Book Antiqua. Again, it is YOUR book and your choice, but you also want to make sure it is easy to read.

Once you choose your font, it is time to create!

One more thing I would suggest is saving this as a copy, and call it “blank book.” Because you then can use this whenever you start a book, and not have to go through all these steps again.

Now here is some advice that is quite important, and I will honestly share this advice many times in my blogs as we all need to be reminded. If you are facing a wall, or writer’s block or struggling on something, move on to something else. Or take a break and do something else. It may seem like you are giving up, or that you feel that you should continue on, but I have found that it helps me immensely to switch gears.

I took a wonderful art class years ago with artist Karen Reid and she told us that ” when we were obsessing over an area, it was our cue to move to something else.” And I have found that works for pretty much everything in my life. If I take a break and then go back, I have a fresher outlook and often I will take care of the issue so much easier.

So there you have it… the way to get started with your new book. I wish you wonderful success and hope your words flow easily into your book.

And if they do not….

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