Making new Traditions at a Sanno Spa

On Black Friday last year, I had a pretty horrific day.  My mother was removed from life support and passed away. After lots of research on grief, I found one suggestion that has helped me immensely.  Make new traditions.   I have done this with all the holidays this past year, and I wanted to do the same on the first anniversary of her death.

So on Black friday this year I wanted to do something nice.  Something wonderful to help fade the memory of that awful day.  I came up with the idea of a spa day with the remaining women in my life, and family.  My daughter just turned 16, and has been asking to go to a spa, so it seemed like the perfect time.

The Spa that I picked is one that I have visited before with a girlfriend.  Its Sanno Spa, in Old Saybrook.   The peacefulness of the spa and beautiful landscape paintings throughout, relax me.  I told my family my plan, and they all agreed to go.  Who would not want to visit a beautiful spa and spend the day with loved ones?  It sounded like a great idea, and it certainly was.

The concrete walk leading to the spa entrance had large stately columns, decorated with colorful red bows and garlands of evergreens.  It was a festive and bright welcome for us.

Photo Nov 24, 10 35 15 AM.jpg

After signing in, we all went to our treatments, for most of us either a massage or facial.  After these wonderful treatments, we enjoyed a delicious lunch at Fresh Salt, and had a toast in honor of my mother.  Eating lunch in our bathrobes, takes some getting used to, but no one gave us a second look, as we  were not the only ones enjoying being pampered on this day.  Our server even gave us blankets to put on our laps to keep us warm.  This spa certainly thinks of everything.

After lunch, we had a few more treatments of manicures, or pedicures, and some lovely time at the pool or hot tub.

Photo Nov 24, 4 18 50 PM

The sun was setting and we took a few moments to enjoy the pretty harbor and buildings with Holiday decorations.  We changed back into our clothes, settled our bill, and returned to reality.

Photo Nov 24, 4 07 31 PM.jpg

On our way out we were once again treated to the sight of the harbor building silhouetted with lights against the darkening sky.  Yet another treat for our special day.

Photo Nov 24, 4 50 37 PM

We enjoyed our pampering, our delicious lunch, but most of all enjoyed our time together.  It was my daughter, sister in law, mother in law, niece and future daughter in law that joined me today.  And helped me to get through an anniversary of a terribly awful day.  What better way to get over a day like that, but to start a new tradition, with the rest of the wonderful women in my family.  I am a grateful woman tonite, and a lucky one.