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This is a season for being grateful.  And I am grateful. I love to create.  I truly do.  When asked to do a commission, I think about the people or place I am painting, and am always wondering what else I can do or add to painting to make it even more special.  I believe that art has meaning, and I am always grateful to be asked to do a commission.

Remembering loved ones

One of my very first commissions was for a family friend.  She requested a portrait of her father in laws farm and then her own home.  She had a few requests.  Her daughter, dog and maybe a few robins in remembrance of her beloved grandparents. The resulting painting was well received, and installed in her living room so she could see it often and enjoy the memories it brought back for her.  I put a lot of time, thought and effort into creating a painting and I can tell you it is incredibly rewarding when the recipient is thrilled with their art.  From visiting the site, painting and delivering, this was one of my favorite pieces.  It also has a lot to do with the recipient taking a chance and commissioning me, as these were my first commissions.  I am always thankful that she gave me the opportunity, as her confidence in me also gave me confidence.


Tetreault Homestead


Remembering our youth

My family has commissioned me probably the most.  Most have moved down south, so they request local places that remind them of their childhood.  Even more thoughtful, they have commissioned me to paint paintings for each other.  I have painted the family cottage three times, as it is very popular in our families memories.  Rather than painting it the same way for each cousin, I have painted it differently so each painting is unique.  Besides the family cottage, I have painted many other subjects for my family, and am even working on a big one right now as a Christmas present.  They keep me busy!


Memories of a wonderful vacation

This is probably my favorite subject.  Who doesn’t dream of getting away?  And then when you are finally lucky to do it, its over so quickly!  A painting of a photo you took while in paradise, painted and installed in your home, brings back the euphoria of being there.  Of course one of my favorite places is Disney World, but this can be anywhere that makes you happy.


Good day-sm.jpg
Good day, drying, will be listed soon



Creating a commission is an honor, and I treat it as such.  Its not an easy thing, as usually the person requesting the commission already has something in mind.  So it is my job to make that thought come true, and I work hard to accomplish this.  I just sent out 3 paintings to a cousin this week and she called to let me know they had arrived.  She was thrilled with them, and wanted me to know. What a wonderful feeling to know I succeeded with my art!   It is fuel for me to continue creating, and that’s a wonderful thing.

So thank you to those that have entrusted me with their visions, there have been quite a few and I wish I could include them all in this blog.  From a commission of a home with all its flowers in bloom, a Grandmothers house, beloved pets, and even motorcycles, I am thankful to those that trust me to create something wonderful for them or their loved ones.

Thank you!