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Three generations from being lost

Getting older makes you a bit more thoughtful… and I have been thinking a lot about my loved ones that have passed.  How my kids have not met them.  And they are in danger of being forgotten.

I have heard that a person dies twice.  The first is the actual physical act, and the second is when the last person forgets them.  Of course if you are famous, someone may always hear about you.  But for everyday people, there is the danger of being forgotten.

I know, you are most likely thinking, well this is pretty depressing! It could be… but not if you take some actions to ensure your family knows their history.  My Dad has done a ton of research on my family.  So I know when we came to the US, (1791) and where we came from.  I also am lucky to have a lot of heirlooms from my relatives.  I have silver from my great Grandmother Antonia, a glass Christmas ball around 100 years old, as well as many other wonderful items.  I already have some photographs that I have no idea who they are.  So I am working on labeling, and making a book of relatives so my family does not forget them.

You may ask, what is the big deal about remembering them?  Well besides they are family, if it were not for them, I would not even be here!  So I think it is only right to remember them.  Of course for those that I have met, and loved, I also want them remembered by future generations.  Being a new Mimi, I want my Granddaughter to know her family as well.

So you may be wondering how do we remember departed relatives?

Well I actually quiz my kids about them.  Where does the silverware come from?  Who was the grandmother that loved elephants?  Who was the mean grandfather? That is when it pays to be a nice person….  As I cannot say a lot of nice things about one of my relatives.

I am planning on scanning a lot of old photos, and then creating a book on Shutterfly.  If you can drag and drop on your computer, you can create a book! And with their many sales, it is not terribly expensive as well.  You can make a wonderful heirloom for future generations.  And that is a wonderful thing.

So please make an effort to remember loved ones that have passed.  Your family will thank you for it.

My latest book, Cousins, has a family tree that you can fill out with your family to remember those that have passed. This is a great way to teach them their history!

Do you have any methods for remembering your departed loved ones? I would love to hear them!