The art of being licensed

It is something a lot of artists work hard for… having their art licensed, and in a box store.  I have had it happen once so far, a friend found my art on a canvas in a Christmas Tree Shop in Waterford, Ct.  And then I found out it was in their shops all over!

Photo Oct 14, 11 07 50 AM.jpg
My art is the mason jar print, on top row, among other lucky artists work.

Some of you may be wondering how did her art get there?    Well it certainly wasn’t easy.  Being an artist can be exciting, but it is also full of rejection as well.  Behind my daily posts on facebook or Instagram, I am busily painting art, scanning completed paintings, creating images, and then submitting my work online.  I submitted to many licensing companies online, and got many refusals.  Finally one said yes!!!

Once I got accepted, I submitted images for their approval, to confirm they were of good quality.  Once they deemed them acceptable, I uploaded the file type requested and waited.  And waited. And waited.  One thing I have learned from being an artist is patience.  Patience in waiting for a painting to sell, patience in waiting for a painting to dry, and patience in someone picking my art to publish.

Finally notification of a deal came!  And then a few more.  They were from printing companies, meaning they would print the art and then peddle it to other companies.  Like Christmas Tree shop.  So basically I have no idea where my art may show up!

Then Robert Lang company also picked my art for their “comforts of home” calendar.  When I first heard I had a calendar deal, I figured it was with other artists.  Never imagining it would be all my art.  What a wonderful surprise!


I have been very lucky I feel….. because when I went to the website of the company peddling my images, I read that they have over 600 artists on their site.  That is a lot of artists.  They also have a library of 10,000 images.  You read that right.   Competition is so tough!  So my art was chosen by these companies over other images.  Images that were just as lovely as mine.  So I am very grateful that my art was chosen, because I realize how competitive it is.  And now you know too!

So if you see my art in a store, please let me know!  I would love to know where it turns up.  I know it is on many sites online, including and  If you are interested in purchasing my art, please visit my website, where I have many options listed in the purchasing section.

Hope you enjoyed learning how art ends up in stores, and eventually in your home.  And thank you from anyone that purchases my art.  I truly appreciate it!

Photo Oct 14, 11 01 51 AM.jpg
I excitedly texted my family and friends when I found out about my art in a box store! I went to purchase one for myself, just to have the first one I saw in a store.  While doing this I ran into my cousin Christine, doing the same thing!  I am the blond,  in the photo.