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Flower Farmers in Sterling, Ct.

Today’s blog is about the last flower farm in the town of Sterling. Last but certainly not least is the Sterling Organic Farm. Except for the paintings below, all the photos shown are from Sterling Organic farm. You will see these lovely photos if you follow their social media.

The second blog is about Sterling Organic Farm, owned by Zoe Madden.

Sterling Organic Farm

The Farmstand…

The Farmstand is open to the public: Easter, Orthodox Easter, Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day and every Tuesday evening through Wednesday evening during peak season (July through October). Zoe says her flowers are picked fresh on Tuesday morning, arranged Tuesday afternoon and available for sale Tuesday evening through Wednesday evening. If they don’t sell, they get taken to the compost pile on Wednesday night to nourish future flowers because Zoe feels that as a flower farm, it’s really important to sell only the freshest flowers to distinguish herself from grocery stores and other florists.

The farm offers CSA shares of flowers. For more information, please visit her website.  

Through Late March and mid-May flowers are only available to CSA shares as it is quite expensive to heat, repair and maintain the greenhouse, so Zoe wants to make sure the flowers have homes to go to! (I can only imagine the expense as we all know how much it is to heat our homes!) That being said CSA shares are available Tuesday evening through Wednesday. After that time the farmstand is open to the public.  As with all these farmers, please visit their social accounts where they will often post what flowers are available.

This Spring….

In the spring Zoe has a lovely lineup of tulips: mid-March through the end of April Narcissus: the entire month of April Ranunculus: late March through mid-June Statice, sweet william, strawflowers, bachelor buttons, agrostemma, scabiosa, carnations and snapdragons. The fragrant and lovely eucalyptus will be available from February through November.  Dahlias will be available early May though to the fall.

Summer Flowers…

Zoe will have some of the same lovely flowers listed above with the addition of celosia, zinnias, and marigolds. Dahlias will continue to be available as well, to autumn!

The Bouquet shown is from Zoe’s Facebook page, don’t forget to follow her to see more of her beautiful flowers!

Future plans

Zoe’s plans are to continue to improve her craft as a farmer and florist and keep stocking her farmstand with her colorful flowers.  To which I know makes many of our town’s residents quite happy!

She will also be offering seedlings of plants that make great cut flowers from April through June. They will be set up near the farm stand, so please keep an eye out for them! She will have vegetable transplants too! A great kickstart for your own home gardens!

A note from Marnie…

That is the last of the blog’s of flower farms for this year. I have to add that Zoe was also chosen as the best of 2023 Connecticut florists on The Knot based on number of 5 star reviews received. So please check her out if you are looking for a florist for a wedding or special occasion. And being an organic farmer, I love seeing how Zoe is always trying to use earth friendly containers for her seedlings as well as good practices for farming. I don’t know about you, but I truly dislike all the plastic containers I end up with after planting my flowers for the season. Such a waste!

As with all these farmers, it costs nothing to like their page, and share their posts, so please consider doing so to help them. And better yet, purchase some flowers to treat yourself or a loved one! I can tell you that the farmers will be very grateful, and you may be too if you have fresh, colorful flowers in your home. I know I love it!

I hope you enjoyed learning about flower farms and feel as lucky as I do to have three wonderful ones in our area!

Info on Sterling Organic Farm




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  1. As a single mom running a farm is not easy, but Zoe makes it look like it’s a breeze. So happy she’s my neighbor!


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