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Another stinger

I don’t think that readers realize the weight of their reviews. Authors and creative people tend to obsess over what readers post for reviews. I know that we should not. But it is hard not to. One of the first things I do in the morning is check my reviews. And bad or good I try very hard not to let it ruin my day.

A recent review of my book “Aunties” is a bad one.

When I created the book, I wanted the recipient and reader of the book to know what an Auntie does for their loved ones, and then how much they love their family. Being someone that adores her family very much I enjoy hearing from my loved ones. So, I put a page in about how to contact and keep in touch with your Auntie. Thinking it would be a wonderful way to teach and remind children to reach out. Maybe they would learn to thank them for gifts, and to reciprocate their love.

And this offended someone.

Maybe it is a little self-serving. So I looked up the definition of self-serving to be sure.

So now I am confused… because the book is about how the Auntie helps and loves the family. So it seems like the person has gotten selfishness confused with wanting a relationship with their niece or nephew. Because after all the wonderful things Auntie does for her family do you think that she is that selfish? I did not think so… but maybe I am wrong.

I have noticed over the years that people no longer send thank you notes written or otherwise. And I think that is a shame. So this was my attempt to teach a younger generation to be appreciative and to reach out to someone that loves them.

Years ago, Mercy Mayer wrote a cute book about manners. I wonder if this was also a self-serving book as well… because we should certainly not have manners around others… to try to teach this may be a little self-serving right? I have to say that I do not agree, and I was always thankful for Mercy Mayer creating a book that helped my children understand to be polite and kind. And to have manners. I hope my readers feel the same about my book.

So if my book “Aunties” is thought to be self-serving to some…I guess I am sorry that you do not see it the way I do… reaching out to have a relationship with loved ones.

To the readers that do enjoy it, I thank you very much!

If you are interested in my book, please click here to for more information.

2 thoughts on “Another stinger”

  1. I see it your way! ❤️‍🩹
    I idea of family and family functions are going by the wayside in some cases. 🙁
    Many if my childhood memories are of being with my Aunts and cousins and having large family get together especially during the holidays. My aunties were very important people in my life and so glad they were!


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