What the interior designers don’t tell you….

reality in decorating your home

We all do it… we watch the beautiful decorating shows on tv, look at the stunning magazines, and walk into furniture stores and see the beautiful way the designers have decorated.  Everything looks so perfect, gorgeous and not realistic at all.  Why do you say that, you ask?  Because the items they decorate with are all generic, and similar.  They don’t take into account that you have lots of items that are sentimental, lovely and not at all stylish.  So how do you incorporate these wonderful items with today’s decorating styles?  I do it as much as I can in my home, and wanted to share my own hutch.

We purchased a lovely hutch a few years ago from Jordan’s furniture.  Oh how lovely it looked in the showroom.  All white dishes, with a few similar items, tied in with yellow flowers throughout.  Just lovely.  And unrealistic!  It sold me anyways, and we purchased the new hutch.  Then I got it home and struggled to make it work.  And struggled.  I finally think I got it, and wanted to share with you.  Instead of getting rid of all my lovely sentimental items, I grouped them together.

Yes I realize it looks a bit cluttered.  And it proved my point how their styling is unrealistic.  How many of us live with items from stores perfectly styled?  Most of us have knick knacs, inherited items, gifts and most importantly, items from our family that we cannot just hide away.  So I kept them arranged this way, but put them on the ends of my hutch, so they are not center stage.  I put a bunch of farmhouse styled items in the middle, to take center stage.  As shown below.



And I think this worked in my new hutch.  But honestly, even if it does not work, I am fine with that.  Because they are all beloved items, which make me happy to see, rather than generic ones to make my hutch look stylish.  This means much more to me.

So below is my personally styled hutch.  With items from my parents, grandmothers, children, hubby, sister, and friends.  And that means so much more to me.  It may not be featured on a decorating show, but it takes first place in my home.  I hope this gave you some ideas as well!


Day 12 The perch

Day 12 of the painting challenge…

The perch

Day 12 of the 30 in 30.   This is an abandoned chair that I pass on the way to my daughters school. It got me thinking as I always do when I see old cars, furniture or homes. At one time this item was brand new. It was picked out excitedly in a store, and brought home and enjoyed. It served its use for years and then one day was no longer pretty or useful. So it has been discarded and is now sitting outside and has a new use. Maybe a cat will come along and take a nap. Or a mouse will take some of the filling spilling out for its home.
Or a family member will visit in the form of a cardinal and remember it in its glory days.
These are all things I think when I see a beat up old car or home. It was new once and someone was proud to have it.
So this painting is giving this chair a chance to become someone’s art. And show us that there is beauty in something old and well loved.



The perch-sm.jpg


There is a hidden mickey for anyone that likes to look for them!  Its listed in my etsy shoppe if you’d like to give it a home!

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