The Art of being grateful

I am a positive person. But the last few years have tested me sorely. My mother passed away, my husband was in a serious car accident requiring two surgeries, my father had open heart surgery, a surprise, but very welcome grandchild, and more that I don’t care to share. Throughout all of this, my daughter had a recurring health issue with her heart. She has a misfiring called SVT, which does not sound like a big deal, but it can be terrifying when they are active in sports. She has been a trooper for years, taking meds, and learning tricks to try to get out of the bad rhythm. Also dealing with people that don’t understand or care that she is having an issue. The cure for this condition is meds or an ablation. An ablation is when they burn the heart to change the misfiring of the heart. (I am sure there is a longer explanation, but I am going with simple) There is a 95% success rate with ablations, but sadly we were in the 5%, and we were scared to do another ablation. A very bad stress test woke us up to the dangers of this heart condition and we decided to try again. Luckily, I love my daughter’s Doctors. My faith in them helped me to support my daughter to go through it again. I am happy to say she had ablation on Tuesday, and it looks like so far it is a success.

I went to say good night to her last night, and she had a huge smile. I asked if everything was ok, and she said she was happy to have a normal heart. The point of my post is that I am grateful. Because through all of it, I realize it could be worse, and I choose to focus on the good. So although my posts are generally positive, I suffer through trials too! If you are going through a tough time, stay strong as the bad times do pass, and it makes you appreciate the good times even more. We are celebrating in our home this week and enjoying that my daughter may be finally cured. Needless to say, I have been spending time with her this week, as she is resting, but I will be painting again soon!

half full-sm

Is the glass half full or half empty?   I choose half full……

A different perspective

sometimes you need to remember what matters most

I am up today at 4am. Have not slept much this evening, because today is a big day in my family.

We are celebrating my daughters sweet sixteen. She has made us very proud, being a great student, with high honors all of her freshman year, playing soccer, but most of all being a wonderful daughter. She is the kind of girl that puts others, and especially animals, before herself.

Rhis artwork when she was about 7, I am not the only artist in my family.

Her actual birthday is in November, but we have a lovely backyard and wanted to celebrate it during the summer.  So we are planning a large celebration to celebrate her.

Our backyard

We have rented a tent, created pretty mason jar centerpieces, hung pretty flowers, and a friend has a sound board with speakers to play music, and ordered delicious food.

File Aug 12, 5 23 03 AM
Mason jar centerpieces we crafted

And of course we are worried about the weather. Like any other party we have planned at our home, it is forecasted to rain. So do we reschedule to next day? We labor over our decision, my husband is all for rescheduling. Our sister throws in her opinion, swaying hubby and we keep it on original day as planned.

Because overall, its not the weather that makes the party. Its not the prettily dressed up tent. Its not the handmade centerpieces. Or the food, and pretty cake.

It’s the guests. It’s the people coming to celebrate with you. The people that have been to other parties, and some not so fun occasions too.

We are also celebrating being here for one another. And remembering those that we wish were here.

Rhi, Donna, and Marilyn.

So while it may rain on our party, our tent will be filled with laughter, happiness and love. Which is why we rented it in the first place. We figured it would rain, and be shelter for those we love.  So the party will go on, and hopefully the rain will clear, and our loved ones looking down on us, will clear the skies.

Because if I have learned anything this past year, it is that you appreciate what you do have. And we have a lot to appreciate.

Yes, there may be some rain or lots of rain in the forecast. But having a different perspective puts priorities in their place. We are lucky to be celebrating such a wonderful daughter. Lucky in her health, and ours. Lucky to be with her.

And that’s what matters.

Happy sweet sixteen to our Rhi!


Rhi is in front with Blue tank top.  This pic is from our last trip home, last August.