This little girl


It’s this little girls birthday today. This little girl grew up an only child but was lucky to have 3 boys and parents move in next door that changed her life. They made her into a tom boy. Between those boys and a Dad that let her work in his garage, these people shaped her into a girl that enjoys a nice car, knows how the car runs and is pretty independent. (And has never minded mud)

This little girl married her high school sweetheart, and became a mom to two kids she adores. This little girl worked the daily grind for years, till being laid off and had a chance to follow a dream. This little girl became obsessed with Disneyworld. Bringing her kids there as much as she could. And when she couldn’t go she dreamed of going. This little girl now spends her days painting Disney subjects and whatever else catches her fancy.

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This little girl always felt like a little girl till the last year. This last year has been pretty rough. Her Mom died in November, and then being an only child, it was on her to be there for her Dad. Then while they were still grieving, her Dad was diagnosed with an aneurysm requiring surgery. While waiting for the surgery, her husband was in a serious accident requiring emergency surgery, an ICU stay and weeks of healing, with an additional surgery still to come to conclude healing. So although this little girl has had a wonderful life she appreciates, this birthday is a bittersweet one.  Its her first without her Mom, and is the first as Matriarch of her family.



This little girl has always been a grateful person. Grateful for what she has and who she has in her life. So today she will be grateful for what she has, for she knows she could be without more than her mom this birthday. This little girl is grateful. I think that in order to get through life you have to be grateful. Even when its tough to see through the tears, there is always something to be grateful for. Here’s hoping that this little girl’s next spin around the sun is a little easier.

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