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Artist in training…


That’s what I consider myself to be.   I enjoy learning, but honestly sometimes I get overwhelmed by how much work it is to be an artist.  I started my working career, as a Civil Designer, working for a local casino.  After being laid off, with support from my hubby, I began painting.

Always learning…..

I think its great to always be learning.  I paint daily, believing the old quote “practice makes perfect”, and I have seen lots of improvement, which I think is a good thing.  Besides painting an artist has to learn to market themselves.  Paintings don’t sell themselves usually, unless you are extremely lucky.  So in addition to learning to paint, I am also teaching myself marketing, business management and book keeping.  That’s a lot of hats to wear for someone just wanting to paint.


How is that working for you?

Well, most of the time, it works well.  But when there is stress in my everyday life it spills over to my art, and it is just plain difficult.  Its not easy for me to create something while stressed.  Somehow it gets into my head, and the doubts come in and I just stall.  So I am currently trying to get through life’s everyday struggles and still create beautiful art.

Does anyone else struggle with stress affecting their art?  Or are you lucky enough to paint through it all?  I am just curious to see if others are like me.

So tomorrow I will start my day and hope for my brush and paints to take me on a journey to create something wonderful.  Because I am always learning…. and that is a good thing.


2 thoughts on “Artist in training…”

  1. I’m in the same boat. I just want to paint, but to support myself I also have to do all of the marketing and business side of things. I use painting as general stress relief, but when I’m totally emotionally overwhelmed I’m usually pretty worthless painting wise. Those days I try to do other stuff like build canvases, clean my studio, varnish, blog maintenance, etc… If I really want to paint though, I keep it simple and do underdrawings and block ins so I don’t screw up a painting further along.


    1. I am happy to hear I am not alone, and in good company. This is my first real artistic block, and I will be happy when its over! I guess I am fortunate that I went so long without one, and hope it happens again a long time from now. I do agree organizing studio helps a lot. Isn’t it funny cleaning and organizing can get the creative juices flowing again?

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