The art of heirlooms

In the midst of cleaning my cellar, I found another project to do….. I came across a bag of handkerchiefs crocheted by my Great Grandmother Antonia. This would be the same Grandma you hear me refer to when I mention the silver I use at all family gatherings. She loved to crochet, and crocheted many, many handkerchiefs that she gave to family, or sold for a small fee. She even sent one to the White House!!! Yes, you read that correctly. She thought Mamie Eisenhower would enjoy one for her inaugural ball, so she sent her one, with a note. Mamie sent a nice note back, and it actually has her signature. Being pack rats, we actually have the original letter, and an article written in the paper about the handkerchiefs going to the White House.

whitehouse letter


But back to my project….. the handkerchiefs were always bright colors, and very dainty. Seeing them today made me think of her, and also to think of what to do with them. Carrying handkerchiefs is not as popular as it was in the past, and even so, I have so many! So I visited Pinterest for inspiration, and decided I will make them into a table runner.  I took the handkerchiefs and arranged them various ways till I was happy with a layout.  Then I measured how long the design was, and cut a fabric I had gotten at a local store to the length needed.  I ironed the edges to make a nice straight line for easier sewing.

Once the background runner was done, I pinned the handkerchiefs the way I wanted them sewed.  I carefully stitched them along the lace, but not through it.  This way if someone decides to take it apart in the future, it will be easier to keep them intact.

Photo Jul 09, 3 59 14 PM

The final runner is a mixture of the handkerchiefs my Grandma made, on a pretty fabric background.  I also saved a few handkerchiefs for future generations to use at weddings.  I think my Grandmother would be pleased with the final product and happy that I am using them.  And remembering her.  Thanks Grandma!

Photo Jul 09, 5 31 28 PM.jpg

Below is Great Grandma and her husband Charles, at their 50th Wedding Anniversary.




Getting Crafty….

Easily create a personalized gift for someone you love.


I celebrated my 25th Anniversary in May and had no idea what to get my hubby.  He is not easy to buy for, but is quite sentimental.  So I perused the internet got some ideas, and came up with a shadow box with photos and music lyrics.  He is a huge fan of music, so I thought of some of the songs played at our wedding, and his other favorites.  Now that I knew what I wanted to do, I just had to create it!

First thing to do was go shopping…..  You will need a shadow box and scrapbook papers. I chose scrapbook papers that were patterns that went well in my home, and were not too bright. Once home, I then looked at shadow box to see how many hearts would fit, and the size they should be.  I measured the shadow box, and made marks with chalk, where the hearts should go.


I then made a heart graphic in powerpoint, a size that would fit nicely within shadow box. I copied them throughout the file, and then printed them on the backside of the printed paper, so they would be easy to cut out.

Photo May 24, 2 13 48 PM

Next I decided on what lyrics, and photos I should add.  I added a Doors song, “Blue Sunday” that my hubby loves, and some Led Zeppelin songs that we both love.  I added a few photos that I had edited in Photoshop, to a more muted tone, and printed it on one sheet of card stock.

Once all my hearts were printed, and cut out, I put them together in three’s varying patterns, and set them on the shadow box backing.

Photo May 25, 7 59 51 AM

Once they were all in place, I folded them, so each one could be seen a bit.  Then I glued them to the backing, with a hot glue gun.  I then put the shadow box back together, and Voila! I had a personalized gift for my hubby that he loved!

Photo May 25, 8 02 15 AM.jpg

Photo May 25, 8 02 37 AM.jpg