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Commissions, Plein Air and Sunflowers



Commissions are wonderful, and I am always grateful for them.  I have had a few people send me a photo to create a painting from, and I am working on them now.  One is of the Charles W Morgan, and one is Cinderella’s castle.  I have about 4 commissions going right now,  and I don’t consider them finished until they are delivered.  What a feeling of accomplishment for me when I can cross one of the list that it is delivered!

Commission of castle in progress


It’s almost that time of year!  The sunflowers should be blooming soon!  These are the magnificent fields at Buttonwoods Farm, in Griswold, Ct.  Besides having wonderful ice cream, this time of year they also have incredible fields of sunflowers which they sell to benefit the Make a wish foundation.  These fields are an inspiration to artists like me, and you will see artists painting, and photographers taking pics of these stunning blooms.  I painted plein air last year, and am hoping to do it again this year.  For anyone that does not know, plein air is when you paint on site, out of the studio, braving the elements.


plein airThis was me last year, braving the harsh elements to create art.  Ok, maybe it wasn’t harsh elements, but it was certainly fun!  Sadly I could not reward myself with ice cream at the end, as the lines are so long.  But luckily I live nearby, so I can rectify that easily at another time.  For those that make a special trip, the ice cream is worth the wait.  I am hoping to paint plein air again this year, with more artists, so you may see me there early one morning.  If you do, stop by and say hello!
My Dad had his heart surgery and is home recuperating, and my daughter is also home for the summer.  So I am creating a balancing act finding time for family and painting.  Hopefully I will have lots more time soon to create!

That’s it for now… my first blog post on wordpress is now published.  Hope you enjoy it and come back for more!  Until then…

Creatively yours,


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