Painting Challenge Finis!

The painting challenge is done, and I am thankful.  It is not easy having something to post everyday.  Especially the size that I did for most of the challenge.  It was recommended that we do smaller paintings, or studies.  I think I will try to do more of those next time!  Problem is, I am enjoying painting on larger canvases!  I used to be intimidated by their size, but now I enjoy it!

Today we post a collage of all of our art posted through the challenge. Here is mine!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my art each day.  I would love to hear what you thought!

Thanks always for following my page!

all sept 2018.jpg






The art of brush strokes

Brush strokes within a painting create art

Have you ever studied a painting?  I am sure you have looked at a painting…. but have you ever looked close at the brush strokes that created the painting?  Probably not.  I am not finding fault, I did not look myself, before I started painting.  But now I certainly do.  Because from afar you are just enjoying the painting, and maybe don’t realize the work that went into creating that painting.

Let’s think about how that painting was created.  An artist picked up a brush, dipped it in paint, and swirled it onto a canvas.  Sometimes they used a large brush to cover more of the canvas, and sometimes they used a smaller brush for detail.  No matter what the size of the brush, it was an implement to get the paint on the canvas.

a closeup of some flowers.

While the artist used that brush, she also stepped back from the canvas, to see what it looked like overall.  To see how the brush strokes blended.  If they were creating what the artist intended. Because up close the strokes don’t always look like much.

a closeup of some shrubs

So hopefully you now realize that it is a little harder than it looks.  Sometimes it works well, and sometimes we have to start over.  Either way, its a wonderful thing to create, and I am so thankful that I get to work these brushstrokes to create art.

Overall painting with areas shown above, available in my etsy  shoppe



Day 5 of 30 in 30- Snow Day

Day 5-This is a shed at a local home in my town.  Its a beautiful large country home, and this little shed and picket fence compliment it. I was lucky to get a pic of it on a beautiful snow day.

I added a cardinal to this scene, as I like to do that since my mother passed.  Makes me think of her, and I hope it makes you think of a loved one as well.
This painting is made to look like the gray color of a snow day.  With the snow coming down, blanketing everything and making it look new.


This one is available in my etsy shoppe.


snow day

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Day 4 of 30 in 30- In the Spotlight

Day 4- In the spotlight…. That’s what it seemed to me when I saw this flag in the sunlight,  at a local house I saw in my town last summer.  I loved the pretty purple flowers growing rebelliously with no order in front of the house.  How I love that look!  When a garden blooms riotously with so much color!

I always say that lighting can make a painting, and here is a perfect example.  The sunlight filters in on the house and flowers, and even the flag.  Hence the name “in the spotlight”

This one will be available in my etsy shoppe.

in the spotlight-sm.jpg


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Mini Painting Challenge-Day 3

I am doing a quick 5 day painting challenge of creating a painting in 20 minutes.  Here is day 3.  I have to say that a lot of the first minutes of this painting was sitting there trying to get started.  You see I was a bit intimidated by all the other paintings I have been seeing.  They have been incredible.  Which always makes me doubt myself.

But I have been told I have a very strong “will”.  So I kept looking through my inspiration photos, trying to find something that caught my eye.  And I finally found it!

As a lot of you know I love painting the American flag, and I love porches.  So this one piqued my interest.  I started painting, and I have to be honest, I lost track of time.  So it may be closer to 30 minutes.

It was all done with one brush.  I love how it came out, and I have to say I surprised myself!!  I am glad I did not give up, and honestly there was an additional lesson learned with this painting.  It was not to give up, and I am thankful I did not!

This was a home I passed in the center of Attleboro, Massachusetts.  I take lots of pics of things that catch my eye while out and about.

Thanks to Mary Gilkerson for hosting this challenge. She paints beautiful paintings full of color that I always admire.Photo Jan 20, 11 48 06 AM


Day 19- S & P Oyster House

Day 19 of the painting challenge…

Day 19 of the 30 in 30.   This is a painting inspired by a pic I took after a delicious dinner at this restaurant. Parking isn’t easy here, so we had parked across the river. So it was a nice evening walk to our vehicle, and once we arrived at our truck, we were rewarded with this pretty sight. I loved the American flag overlooking the twinkling lights and gentle river.
So of course I was inspired to paint it.

S & P oyster house-sm



This painting is 10″ wide by 14″ high.  If you are interested, please visit my etsy shoppe.

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Day 10- Groundhog field

Day 7 of the painting challenge…

Groundhog field

Day 10 of the 30 in 30.   This was inspired by a field I pass often in Rhode Island.  It may look like an ordinary field but it is not.  And that is the point of this post.   This field is home to many creatures, specifically a bunch of ground hogs.  99% of the time that I pass this field, I see one.  Even when I took the photo for this painting, I got a few in the photo.


And that got me thinking.  This field is in a prime commercial spot.  Which worries me.  I firmly believe that we must share the earth.  Not just with people, but also with creatures.  Maybe that’s why I try to help animals so much.  They simply can’t speak for themselves.  We have to.  I hope this art creates awareness of all the little creatures that call these fields and other places home.  We should do what we can to save some land for them, or create environments where they can still thrive alongside us.

Groundhog field-sm

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