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The art of embracing Failure

Who determines what failure is? How is it determined? When it is determined? I recently had a conversation with a family member who had packed their family up, moved across the country, following a dream. We were, and are so proud of them for chasing a dream. Even if it seems to have stalled at… Continue reading The art of embracing Failure


The art of creating a digital image

Being an artist in today's world, means that most of us need digital images for submissions, or what have you, online.  I recently came across another artist struggling to create  digital images, and I remembered how I struggled as well. A lot of artists use a camera, and that is fine too, but I favor… Continue reading The art of creating a digital image

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The art of meeting again

I grew up the daughter of a mechanic, and both of my parents enjoyed cars.  So its not a surprise that I love them as well.  Growing up it was normal to see a car in my Dad's garage in various states of repair.  One of these cars was a 1929 Model A that he… Continue reading The art of meeting again


Delivering and Shipping Art

How do you deliver a painting? If its in person, I put some type of bow on it, or wrap it in clear cellophane. This is depending upon size. Most people have splurged to buy art, so I like to make my art look like a present.     One of my least favorite things… Continue reading Delivering and Shipping Art

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Being an artist requires a lot of things, and one of those is inspiration. It is perhaps one of the most important things that an artist can have. Without it, it is difficult to create. For me anyways….. With that being said, I am lucky to live about 3 miles from the border of Rhode… Continue reading Inspiration

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Artist in training…

That's what I consider myself to be.   I enjoy learning, but honestly sometimes I get overwhelmed by how much work it is to be an artist.  I started my working career, as a Civil Designer, working for a local casino.  After being laid off, with support from my hubby, I began painting. Always learning.....… Continue reading Artist in training…

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Commissions, Plein Air and Sunflowers

  Commissions are wonderful, and I am always grateful for them.  I have had a few people send me a photo to create a painting from, and I am working on them now.  One is of the Charles W Morgan, and one is Cinderella's castle.  I have about 4 commissions going right now,  and I… Continue reading Commissions, Plein Air and Sunflowers