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Presidential Portraits and Artists Statements

Its every artists’ dream to create something that is well received, and to earn a living off of doing something that they love. The latest Presidential portraits are evidence of this. These portraits are not your typical portraits of presidents and their first ladies, but they are not the first unique ones. I remember visiting… Continue reading Presidential Portraits and Artists Statements


Delivering and Shipping Art

How do you deliver a painting? If its in person, I put some type of bow on it, or wrap it in clear cellophane. This is depending upon size. Most people have splurged to buy art, so I like to make my art look like a present.     One of my least favorite things… Continue reading Delivering and Shipping Art

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Artist in training…

That's what I consider myself to be.   I enjoy learning, but honestly sometimes I get overwhelmed by how much work it is to be an artist.  I started my working career, as a Civil Designer, working for a local casino.  After being laid off, with support from my hubby, I began painting. Always learning.....… Continue reading Artist in training…