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The art of meeting again

I grew up the daughter of a mechanic, and both of my parents enjoyed cars.  So its not a surprise that I love them as well.  Growing up it was normal to see a car in my Dad's garage in various states of repair.  One of these cars was a 1929 Model A that he… Continue reading The art of meeting again

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The Art of being grateful

I am a positive person. But the last few years have tested me sorely. My mother passed away, my husband was in a serious car accident requiring two surgeries, my father had open heart surgery, a surprise, but very welcome grandchild, and more that I don’t care to share. Throughout all of this, my daughter… Continue reading The Art of being grateful

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Presidential Portraits and Artists Statements

Its every artists’ dream to create something that is well received, and to earn a living off of doing something that they love. The latest Presidential portraits are evidence of this. These portraits are not your typical portraits of presidents and their first ladies, but they are not the first unique ones. I remember visiting… Continue reading Presidential Portraits and Artists Statements